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TABLE 1 ______________________________________ Elements in Composition (ppm) Elements in Composition (ppm) ______________________________________ Li 15-20 Ba 19-23 Na 5-8 Sr 12-25 K 7-12 Ca 7-12 Zr 4-7 B 5-12 Sn 13-20 Al 12-16 SiO.sub.2 66.1-72.2 CaO 25-30 PbO 0.3-5.0 ______________________________________
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A single glass material in a steady state is composed of many micro-crystals (primary crystal) of a single composition. When it is produced, it would, therefore, be assumed that the glass material contains few (a few to 10.sup.2) primary crystals of different compositions each having the same composition as that in the single glass material.
Such micro-crystals of different compositions (so-called “devitrification” at the end of the glass production) would be finally distributed in the target glass material. As a result, the target glass material would contain many primary crystals having different compositions.
In addition, the target glass material may contain glass components (additives), which would not be included in the basic glass material. Additives, which are mainly added to supply dyes for coloring.
The number of primary crystals and the size of primary crystals (grain size) in the target glass material would be different from those of the basic glass material. In general, the larger the number of primary crystals is, the smaller the grain size of the primary crystals, and vice versa.
The target glass material is shaped to an optical glass such as a lens. Since the crystal composition of the primary crystal is different at the corners of the glass material, lens surfaces may contain glass components different from