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How to write service worker in React?

I’m new to React and was wondering how you would write a Service Worker in React, I am building an app that will cache all the code and data on the client side


It looks like you are looking for React Service Worker.
It provides the same API that the modern browsers provide through the Fetch API.
In that case, the only thing you need to consider is to handle the caching yourself (if you want to cache fragments of the code and data), or to use a front end library that already does caching and intercepts requests, like React Service Worker does.
React Service Worker also provides progressive enhancement for this purpose.
How to cache:
First, enable service workers on your app, and create a cache manifest file for that. Then, ask the Service Worker to update your app’s cache.
function myService

Cafesuite: Information for Mac: Requirements: OS X 10.8 or newer, 1024 x 768 resolution or higher, 12 MB disk space, 512 MB RAM. He is the original Mandy Boy for the

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