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Events Manager Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled 50

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Wednesday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I got to dress up!

My husband made an epic costume. Me, not so much. I’ve only got a few pairs of pants that I could transform into a costume. The smell of turpentine causes my headache to bubble up. When I took off my shirt to put it in the washing machine, the smell made me so sick that I ran upstairs to throw up.

The costume I put together

me in the dentist chair. That is a no!

My husband wanted to wait until after I took off the mask to take the photo.

The effect was immediate.

Next door was kind enough to invite us to their party. We hadn’t been invited to any parties since our wedding and they’ve pretty much stopped inviting us. I almost never go any more.

We had a very nice party, except for the party after. They didn’t invite us back for the next couple years. I would stop by the next year and they’d be all “oh, there’s no party for you.” It became a pattern. One year we went without an invite and they were all “oh, there’s no party for you.” I felt like the Grinch. So I didn’t bother going any more.

When we went to the one party my husband took me to, it was being thrown by someone who I had never met before. I showed up at the party, talked to people who I’d never met, and left. I was frustrated. What were they thinking inviting strangers? Someone I’d never met before wanted me to throw their party. I’d had enough parties in my life! I got on a sick day and went home.

The little red wagon is finally being adopted by the new owners. We’re getting ready for the big move to college.

My husband had a hard time fitting into his costume at the party. He spent the whole evening trying to shove his feet into his shoes. He’s a little less curious about shoes now. I actually had a good time. I’m a little more accepting of the idea that I don’t fit into the same things anymore. But I can

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