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“Killing Eve” deserves an Emmy, but not Riz Ahmed,” says the “Ralph Fiennes is a Nazi” guy. I’m with him. “I am the bomb dot bomb dot bam,” Ahmed’s character tells the actress who plays his second wife. At one point, Ahmed’s character introduces himself to Mina’s character by saying “Bam!” The moment has exactly the same sexiness as “Baby!” but with a “lol, wait, also please don’t die” edge. The actor shoots himself in the foot by revealing so much about his character, but the thing is… I have nothing to hide. There is little to tell about Riz Ahmed. He’s dead to me.


As for the other nominee, Kailin Scott, “Peaky Blinders” has made me her fan. In the last episode of the BBC crime drama’s sixth season, which was revealed as a “Peaky Blinders” special

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