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Your device has no camera and does not have a 4GB RAM and 1GB ROM as you assume. It has 2.1inch LCD with 1024×768. It probably is also XP based.
To solve the problem you need to boot into Windows Recovery Console. Go into Start Menu > Windows recovery console. It will boot you into it. Now, just as Windows already did, it will attempt to change the RAM. When this is done, it will be replaced with new RAM of your desired size. Reboot.
Now you will have 4GB of RAM and 1GB of ROM, but the installed OS will be XP Home. If you do not like this, there is an option to install XP Pro. You can also use the original XP CD to install it.
I’m not sure if this will solve your problem or not. You will need to try.

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I’m testing it with Windows 7 64 bit and Internet Explorer 9. The drivers are successfully installed:


Well, the first thing I would do is to put aside the /Driver install, since it would be totally useless in this case. Instead, you’re going to need the Windows equivalent of Rufus, which is called the USB Image Writer.
Rufus (a free application) can be downloaded here:
With it, you can write any.iso file to any USB stick.
I guess that the easiest way to install a Firefox 4 add-on would be to extract it and run the files from the resulting folder.
You should install Rufus, then a Firefox extension called Hide my face (YouTube Video Protecter). It’s easier because you don’t need to deal with any “.exe” files.


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Linda R. Carter § From the 233rd District Court

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§ January 17, 2019

John G. Carter