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Because it seems that on Chrome when the DIV is collapsed, it shrinks the font size and then when you expand the DIV the font is larger which makes the button click inside the. jQuery UI Dialog with Buttons).

I was able to find a solution for collapsing the DIV here: Collapse jqueryui dialog on click in chrome, cant seem to get the same fixed width for buttons inside the dialog box though. Any ideas?
UPDATE: working on this more I found that the font does stay the same size until the auto/resize-on-open function kicks in and makes the DIV wider, so when the DIV is width 600 the font is normal size, then when the DIV is auto-resized to 700 the font size is larger. So I made a small fix that uses a resize function so that when the DIV is auto-resized to 700 width the font size will not be the larger size. I can test this fix and make adjustments if needed.
New Solution for fix:
$( “#CreateButton” ).dialog( “widget” ).on( “open”, function() {
//document.getElementById(“dlg1”).resize(widthChange = 700);
$(“#dlg1”).resize(widthChange = 700);
}).on( “close”, function() {
//document.getElementById(“dlg1”).resize(widthChange = 600);
$(“#dlg1”).resize(widthChange = 600);

The id dlg1 is the DIV that is being resized.
The window size changes are to show the actual change of the font size of the DIV. The 600 is for the default size before being auto-resized. The 700 is for the default width until the DIV is auto-resized to 700 width. If the DIV is auto-resized to width 700 the font

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