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Serial Number Foxit Pdf Editor V2.2.1

Foxit PDF Creator is a software application that’s used for managing PDF documents, find unknown text in PDF files and search PDF files for free.
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The zip file and all derivatives can not be located on the internet. The zip archive has been lost.This invention relates to inkjet printers, particularly piezoelectric inkjet printers, and more particularly it concerns a self-cleaning head for an inkjet printer.
In a piezoelectric inkjet printer, a plurality of pressure chambers are formed in a nozzle plate of a print head. These pressure chambers are charged with ink and arranged side-by-side in parallel. A piezoelectric element is formed on the surface of the nozzle plate. The piezoelectric element expands or contracts in response to a signal supplied to it to eject ink from the pressure chambers. One of the problems encountered with an inkjet printer is that ink residue tends to accumulate on the nozzles, tending to clog them. Also, ink residue left in the ink supply system is apt to collect in the nozzles and thus clog them. In such a case, ink can not be ejected from the nozzles, giving rise to print failures.
Japanese patent publication (Kokai) No. 60-145900 discloses an inkjet print head in which a wiper element is held against the nozzles. The wiper element is driven back and forth across the nozzles when a print head is driven for printing. Thus, it is thought that the wiper element scrapes ink residue from the nozzles.
Japanese patent publication (Kokai) No. 3-18789 discloses an inkjet print head which has nozzles provided with a suction hole. An ink suction pipe is connected to the suction hole and communicates with a cap which defines a casing of the print head. When a print head is moved back and forth during printing to eject ink, the suction pipe sucks ink from the nozzles, thus preventing ink from depositing in the nozzles.
According to the inkjet print head disclosed in Japanese patent publication (Kokai) No. 60-145900, the wiper element and the nozzles are brought into contact with each other when the wiper element is moved back and forth.